Creating OpenTX Soundpacks

OpenTX is provided with the possibility to use sound packs.

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These are audio (wav) files, and you can play these from OpenTX.
Like many have heard on the field 🙂

To put together a sound pack quickly and easily, there is a program called “TTS Automate”



This program converts a piece of text to audio and saves it in a specified folder and name.

The spoken language can also be selected.

It looks like this.

  1. Line number
  2. Folder / Each line contains the path where audio file is stored.
    I always maintain the structure of the SD card of OpenTX directly
  3. Filename / the name of the audio file (note! From OpenTX v2.1.x a maximum of 6 characters are allowed, if larger they are ignored by OpenTX)
  4. Phrase to Speak / Here the text that the audio file should receive. Occasionally you may have to play phonetically to get things properly spoken.
    See inter alia lines 201 and 204 🙂
  5. Play / Plays the file, and the file is created directly in the specified path

To the right of the screen:

  1. Open Phrase file / here you can select the .PSV file
  2. Select Output Directory / Where eventually the output including the specified path structure should be placed.
  3. Create new Phrase File / Create a new project with this
  4. TTS Provider / Select the Text To Speech Provider here. (To date, only Amazon Polly works correctly)
  5. Voice / Select the voice here (I myself use Dutch Ruben, and I use Matthew for English)

Settings of TTS Automate so that they work well with OpenTX.

Most important here is the Voice Options

  • Encode MP3 to WAV (checked)
  • Sample Rate: 32000Hz
  • Bits per sample: 16 


TTS Automate: download
Dutch psv file: OTX NL.psv
English psv file: OTX EN.psv

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