ETHOS v1.0.12 officieel gereleased!


Eindelijk is er een officiële Ethos-versie uitgebracht, versie v1.0.12!

Veel functies toegevoegd, veel foutopsporing en enkele nieuwe talen zijn toegevoegd!

[All boards]

  • Global functions (functions common to all models)
  • Flight modes slow transition
  • Haptic patterns
  • More confirmation boxes when deleting items in the UI
  • Logic Switches custom comments
  • Distance of sight calculated sensor
  • Screen fully refreshed on language change (it was needed for l2r <=> r2l)
  • Preflight checks refresh speed improved
  • Wrong system events initialization
  • Throttle based timers were running even when Throttle Cut was active
  • TextEdit fixed (it was possible to insert a char above the maximum allowed length)
  • Emergency reboot when using slow SD card fixed
  • Logs were not automatically started on radio start (when Always Active)
  • RB20/30/40 state telemetry sensors added
  • Roll / Pitch Angles telemetry sensors added
  • Allow 60V and 330A for RB20/30/40
  • Edge option fixed (especially when applied to logic switches)
  • Battery check interval lowered to 1 minute (it was 5 minutes)
  • Text sensors critical bugfix (RB30/40, VS600, XACT)
  • UI refresh issue fixed in Model Select
  • Racing Mode fixed
  • NL and HE voices
  • All language translations

[X20 and X10]

  • ADC crosstalk fixed between last slider and radio voltage


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