Ethos v1.1.0 Officiële Release


Eindelijk is het zo ver, de officiële release van v1.1.0 is een feit.

Vanaf nu zal ETHOS verder gaan vanaf deze versie.

[All boards]

  • Lua support added (Widgets / Tools / Sources)
  • New Model Select screen with custom folders support
  • New Mixer View with mixes sorted per channel
  • Configurable UI main color (not only yellow or orange)
  • Telemetry lost / Telemetry recovered / RSSI warnings improved
  • Logic Switches screen improved, more information displayed
  • Boolean Logic Switches may now have more than 2 values
  • System/Display and System/Sound merged into System/General
  • Function switch Warnings on Model load
  • Haptic added to inactivity alarm
  • Trim step maximum increased
  • Trainer channels individual switches added
  • RPM sensor configurable averaging
  • On USB plug the user is prompted for the class of connection (Joystick or Serial for now)
  • GPS coordinates editor improved, with Copy / Paste added
  • [Simulator] Audio support added
  • Option added to disable Trainer input on Sticks Analogs

[Tandem radios]

  • SD Card speed increased


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1 reactie

  1. giovanni schreef:

    se si passa dall’attuale versione 1.0.19 alla versione 1.1.0 si perdono dinuovo i modelli?

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