Ethos v1.1.4 Officiële Release


Ethos v1.1.4 release

Na wat berichtgeving van een aantal updates over te hebben geslagen is er nu v1.1.4 als officieële release beschikbaar.
Hieronder alle nieuwe fixes en toevoegingen na v1.1.1

[All boards]

  • Possibility to flash a bootloader (FRSK format) from the File Manager
  • [ENTER Long] can again be used to select a different model
  • [Lua] Source:value() and Source:stringValue() can again take options as parameter
  • Sensors with the same AppID / PhysID (except receiver internal sensors) are now merged even if they come from a different receiver / band / module
  • Configurable Sensors Lost Warning delay
  • Show Mix Type in Mix Information (Model / Mixes)
  • Autoload Function Switches States in Model / Checklist
  • Mix focus improved when exiting the Mix Edition page
  • SXR Self Check
  • Long Press bug fixed in Model / Logic Switches
  • Show the Switches names in Model / Preflight
  • RF issue in System / Information
  • Play Track won’t accept filenames > 31 chars
  • Text Sensors fix
  • Flight Mode can be displayed in Source widget
  • [Lua] Model::dirty() added
  • [Lua] Source::member() and Source::category() added

The SD & FLASH contents and the Horus bootloader have not been modified, please take them from release 1.1.1


  • Freeze fixed when deleting a Mix


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