Ethos v1.1.0 Alpha 17 gereleased


Vandaag is v1.1.0 Alpha 17 gereleased.

Alpha Releases are for testing purposes and should not be flown or used by the average user. Only proceed with this version if you understand the risks of crashing your model or loosing model data in your radio. For testing only.

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[All boards]

  • New Model Select screen with custom folders support
  • Telemetry lost / Telemetry recovered / RSSI warnings improved
  • Boolean Logic Switches may now have more than 2 values
  • Regression in Free Mix (wrong default weight)
  • DE and FR translations
  • [Lua] RAM limits added: 2MB for scripts / 2MB for bitmaps
  • [Lua] Possible to load bitmaps from the current directory during script execution (not only in create)
  • [Lua] Forms may now be modified at runtime
  • [Lua] playHaptic now prints something during debug


  • Freeze fix in Mixer screen (when flight modes in use)


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